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Tag Heuer Touring Exhibition (Shanghai Station) Celebrates 55th Anniversary Of Carrera Carrera Series

[June 1, 2018, Shanghai] Today, TAG Heuer started a journey of time at its flagship store in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai-Museum in Motion exhibition. The precious collections for display include not only the timepieces hidden in the Tag Heuer La Chaux-de-Fonds Museum, but also the personal treasures of collectors. These timepieces left the La Chaux-de-Fonds Museum for the first time as a group of works for public exhibition. The tour started in Beijing, passed through Xi’an, and finally landed in Shanghai. Among them, May 30 to June 17, Shanghai Station, waiting for tasting.

TAG Heuer Vintage Watch Shanghai Tour
   The timepieces presented in the exhibition reflect the rich history of TAG Heuer’s watchmaking, and they also highlight the pioneering spirit of TAG Heuer’s continuous innovation, especially in motorsport events. Important models include: Carrera, born in 1969; Autavia, commemorating the Tag Heuer brand ambassador and Swiss racer Joe Seefeldt; equipped with the world’s first self-winding chronograph movement with a mini rotor The Calibre 11 Monaco watch is also the first chronograph with a square case and many other antique timepieces.

   Mr. Yu Xiaoliang, General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China, said: We are very pleased to be able to bring the history of Tag Heuer and the Museum in Motion exhibition to China. This year is also the 55th anniversary of TAG Heuer’s iconic Calera collection, and we are honored to take this opportunity to share our most iconic timepieces with consumers and watch lovers in China.

   This exhibition not only allows consumers and watch enthusiasts to enjoy unique antique watches, but also understands the history of brand watchmaking, and also allows consumers to recognize the importance of Tag Heuer in the field of motor racing.

The exhibition information is as follows:

Time: 5.30-6.17
Address: No. 1033-1037, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai


To Celebrate The Film Festival And Share The Essence Of Art Glashütte Original And Berlin International Film Festival Cooperate For The Fifth Anniversary

Glashütte Original and Berlin International Film Festival celebrate the 65th film event, which also marks the fifth year of cooperation between the two parties. Since Glashütte Original sponsored the German cultural event for the first time in 2011, the cooperation between the two sides has deepened. Since 2012, Glashütte Original has been awarded the “Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship” every year in cooperation with the Berlin Film Festival “PerspektiveDeutsches Kino”. Since 2014, the German watchmaker has also sponsored the ‘Retrospective’ and ‘Homage’ units of the Berlin International Film Festival, which each year select a famous director from the history of the film Exhibition of works on different themes.

Glashütte’s original watchmaker’s VIP lounge shows guests the finest German watchmaking art from 1845
Oscar Soroschi wins 2015 ‘Made in Germany Perspective Award’

   On January 19, 2015, Glashütte Original for the fourth time presented the ‘Made in Germany Perspective Award’ in cooperation with the ‘Perspektive Deutsches Kino’ unit. Oskar Sulowski’s film Rosebuds won the award. In addition to receiving a generous prize of 15,000 Euros, he will also receive a trophy made by an apprentice at the Glashütte Original Watchmaking Factory. In addition, in the creation of future new works, Oskar Soroschi will also receive more mature guidance from film masters.

 This year’s ‘Made in Germany Discussion Film’ series of dialogue activities will continue to be organized by Glashütte Original in collaboration with the ‘Perspective German Film’ unit. During these dialogues, filmmakers will introduce their recent works, explain the background of their film productions, share the film’s production and working methods, and answer questions from film festival audiences and journalists.

Glashütte Original VIP Room Exhibition-Wim Wenders’ props in the 1987 film ‘Under the Berlin Sky’

Sponsored the Retrospective and Homage modules

 At last year’s Berlin Film Festival, Glashütte Original fulfilled its promise of cooperation by joining hands with the Retrospective and Homage units. This year’s ‘Classic Review’ will feature ‘Color by Technicolor’. In the first half of the 20th century, the special art colorful shooting technology entered its heyday with an exaggerated superimposed color scheme, and contributed to some great film works, which still fascinates many audiences.

 The event organized by the Berlin Film Festival’s ‘Homage’ unit pays tribute to well-known directors, actors and other internationally renowned film professionals. The award of the ‘Golden Bear Honor’ no doubt brought the Berlin Film Festival to its climax. At this year’s film festival, German director Wim Wenders won the honor on February 12. Since 2014, Glashütte Original has also sponsored the Homage unit.

Glashütte Original collaborates with the 65th Berlin International Film Festival

Glashütte’s original five creative short films complete their premiere

 Inspired by the partners, Glashütte Original also opened a movie premiere for himself this year, showing the public’s five different views on the brand.

 A few months ago, the Saxon watchmaker invited Glashütte’s original friends and connoisseurs to contribute enthusiastically to design their own film ideas based on their own perceptions, thereby showing the unusual new side of Glashütte’s original brand. These five unique short films were born; they document the very personal and emotional connection between the protagonist and Glashütte’s originals, while also highlighting the characteristics of the watch factory. At the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, Glashütte Originals will show these films to the public for the first time.

Glashütte’s original VIP lounge on the 24th floor of Krhofov Tower overlooks the red carpet

Glashütte Original VIP Room during the 65th Berlin Film Festival

 During this year’s film festival, the original Glashütte VIP lounge on the 24th floor of the Kollhoff-Tower will open again. This VIP room is very popular, not only because of the red carpet show overlooking the Berlin Film Palace from here, but also because it has a warm and hospitable atmosphere.

 To pay tribute to WimWenders, the winner of this year’s ‘Golden Bear’, Glashütte Originals will once again cooperate with the Berlin Film Museum in an exhibition called ‘Under the Berlin Sky’ showing Wenders in 1987 Original props, photos and archives for a film of the same name directed.

 ‘Berlin Under the Sky’ is a fantasy-style literary film produced by West German director Wim Wenders after returning to the United States for many years. The film describes the two angels Damill and Cassirer to guard West Berlin and shuttle Every corner of the city, listen to people’s dreams and concerns. One day, Damill saw the female trapeze Marion in the circus before the final rehearsal. She was dressed like an angel in wings, and she was attracted to her. After listening to her inner secret, she fell in love even more. She, then resolutely pursued a true love that is tangible. Wenders, who is good at making road movies, this time changed space into a journey of time, allowing two angels to walk from one story to another, thereby reflecting the face of Germany in the transformation of the great era.

 The festival will feature original props, photos and archives of the 1987 film of the same name directed by Wenders. Wenders, who is good at making road movies, changed the space into a time journey in ‘Berlin Under the Sky’, allowing the two angels to walk from one story to another, perfectly reflecting the face of Germany in the era of change. Time inherits history, time precipitates culture, and time records classics. To appreciate German culture through the time journey in the original film has always been what Glashütte Original wanted to convey, which also coincides with the spirit of the brand.

 Watchmaking, like film, is also a manifestation of an art form. The original watchmakers from Glashütte also work here, showing guests the finest German watchmaking art from 1845. Glashütte’s original and serious story about time in Germany, like the lines in ‘Under the Berlin Sky’, ‘I have a story, you must continue, time has become so serious, this is life.’ This is also a perfect portrayal of Glashütte’s originality.

Glashütte Original VIP Room in the setting sun

Information about Glashütte Original VIP Lounge
Address: Panoramamapunkt, Potsdamer Platz 1, 10785 Berlin

 The VIP room will be open to guests with VIP status from February 5th to February 14th, 2015. During the Berlin Film Festival, you can check the VIP room opening hours at To qualify for VIP status, email your request to [email protected]