In summer, fashion parties at night are always the most popular. A thin swimsuit or cool beach outfit, coupled with this elegant watch, let you easily become the focus, with the rhythm of music Swing gently. Even at home, this watch can remember the good memories of the holiday and make the copper-colored skin more dazzling and lively.

This watch is available in shiny sea blue, orange red sunset color, sparkling night sky blue, delicious apple green, or refreshing dawn purple. The dynamic bezel is set with sparkling baguette diamonds and semi-precious stones. This lady’s watch is chic and casual, allowing the wearer to follow it and follow the feeling. From passive temptation to star temperament, every emotion will miss. Its luminous characteristics make it easy to know what is going on, or to enjoy a special moment, highlighting the shiny jagged fashion bezel.
Source: TF Est. 1968