Swatch proudly presents the ‘Mother River’ photographic art exhibition, a contemporary art work shot and created by British Chinese photographer Wang Yan. The exhibition is hosted by the Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate General. It is also one of the British Cultural Season projects for the 2015 Chinese and English Exchange Year. On September 11, 2015, at the pre-show event held by the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai, 66 large-format photographic works will be presented to the local media, guests and guests of Swatch; the next day, the exhibition will be officially presented to the public open.

   Wang Yan’s ‘Mother River’ series tells a moving legend. The Yangtze River originated from the Tibetan Plateau, flowing through a large area of ​​China, with different scenery along the way, and finally merged into the sea in Shanghai. Artist Wang Yan has completed the shooting of this series of works in a very unique way, and has embarked on a journey nine times, shooting every 100 kilometers along the river, recording a total of 6,211 kilometers of Yangtze River images.

   While recording the dramatic changes in contemporary Chinese inland life, these video works are also reminiscent of some myths and descriptions of the Yangtze River. The fearlessness, depth, and global appeal of this creative project, not to mention the stunning beauty and strong appeal of these photos, has prompted Swatch to continue to provide Wang Yan during the four years of his creation. Active support; of the 66 images, 25 were completed during her stay at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center. In this artist residence project, the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center is for artists from all over the world. Provides 18 state-of-the-art studios and living spaces.

   Speaking about his staying experience at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai, Wang Yan said, ‘The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Art Center’s Artist Residence Project gives artists a great deal of freedom and allows them to work with other worlds Level artists experiment and advance their artistic contributions and creations. From the spacious studio to the substantial investment in the artist’s long-term artistic career, they all reflect Swatch’s firm support for art and artists. My creation ‘Mother River ‘It will always be closely linked to my three-month staying experience at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center, because that was the last stage of my filming along the Yangtze River.’

   ‘For this outstanding young photographer, the opportunity to reconnect with his motherland by shooting the entire Yangtze River, the most representative waterway in China, is a unique opportunity.’ Secretary of the British Council’s China Art and Creative Industries, Nick Marchand, said.

   Swatch, best known for supporting art and artists, hosted the unveiling of the ‘Mother River’ at the 2015 Venice International Art Biennale. Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director of Swatch, commented, “For Swatch, Wang Yan’s work was brought from the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai to the 2015 Venice International Art Biennial and served as an exhibition project for Swatch Faces Part of it is an unusual, exciting and highly prestigious special experience. It also reaffirms the brand’s strong commitment to artists, supporting those who are sensitive and have unique ideas, can express their creativity and have information to share. Artists. The story behind Wang Yan’s ‘Mother River’ project is so touching and legendary. This is what we like and what we have always supported. ‘

   After the Venice International Art Biennale, the work has been exhibited in Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum and Wuhan Art Museum. From September 12th to October 11th, during the Shanghai Art Video Exhibition, the Shanghai station of Wang Yan’s ‘Mother River’ China Tour 2015 will be officially launched and open to the public at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center. Exhibition time: Monday to Sunday, 10: 00-20: 00
   Shanghai Station of Wang Yan’s ‘Mother River’ 2015 China Tour is sponsored by IG Indie Video Art Museum and hosted by Shanghai C14 Gallery.