Month: February 2010

Chairman Of Hublot Global Board Of Directors High-end Watch Toys With Mechanical Charm

For most people, a high-end watch is a material symbol of identity and taste, but for Jean Claude Beaver, chairman of the Hublot Global Board, a high-end watch is a This toy with mechanical charm touched his curiosity and led him to research all the time. Let me share with you the most important things in the luxury watch industry and your personal workplace experience.

What is most misunderstood in the luxury industry?

 I don’t think people will have any misunderstanding. People like luxury, they like this speciality. Everyone dreams of having a supercar and going to a luxury resort. Luxury is the rarest and most difficult product we can finally get. I have never met anyone who said that luxury goods should be produced in large quantities. You can buy 10 anywhere. You only give them 7 and then tell him that the next one must be until Christmas 2014, so that your things will be Someone wants it.

 Of course, some people think that luxury is unnecessary, why do you go to a five-star hotel? Samsung hotels are also good; why do you need such a car? Other cars can also drive. I agree that luxury is really not a necessity.

Where is the most attractive thing about fine watches?

 To me a watch is a toy, an engine, a steam locomotive. When we grow up, we will find that this attraction is actually the charm of machinery. Curiosity about machinery can always lead me to do research in this area.

What has been the most important change in the industry in the past few years?

 Over the past period, the economic recession has had a great impact on the financial industry, but it has not changed much in our industry. This is different from the 1980s. At that time, problems occurred in the internal structure of the Swiss watch industry, causing 70,000 people to lose their jobs and many companies closed down. The entire watch industry must re-develope their business models.

 Now the problems of the watch industry mainly exist in the global financial system. It is easier to overcome, because there is nothing wrong with your own house, but the weather outside is not good. After the bad weather passes, you can open the door, open Window out. Some people may lose their jobs while waiting, but not many. The waiting time is 12 to 18 months. In fact, not many people really feel too much pain.

In the fine watch industry, what are the key factors that determine competition?

 Have a different vision. When an entrepreneur has the vision and the courage to implement it, he has already taken the first step to success. But a goal is difficult to achieve directly, so you need the market, the needs, the customers, you also need someone to help you, give you advice and support. And these people need to have the same vision as you, and at the same time tell you when they were wrong.

 These are all I learned from the team. I have a team of 4 people and I have experienced three successful adventures with them.

What do you think of the future of the industry?

 The future of this industry lies in innovation, and it is based on tradition, making tradition more lively and vivid. If you stick to tradition and repeat, then your contribution to the industry is zero. For example, like gold, traditionally everyone only knows that it is expensive and exclusive to luxury goods. Then the question that this industry has to consider is how to innovate on traditional gold. As we all know, the disadvantage of gold is that it is very soft and prone to scratches. So, if this shortcoming can be eliminated, we have contributed to the industry. In 5 years, my team has developed a method that no longer causes gold to scratch. This is an innovation based on tradition.

What kind of people do you need in this industry?

 What we need most is someone who can create. If we cannot make progress every year in technology, design, materials, colors, etc., we will lose the vitality of development. The vitality of Hublot comes from our R & D department. They are the driving force of our development and the people we need most. I have never hesitated to invest in R & D. For the entire watch industry, the future of merchants will not come from marketing, sponsors, or advertising. Only when R & D and innovation begin, others will follow.


Watch With Skills

What are the watch matching skills? Watches are items that reflect taste. The correct matching of watches can make you more attractive. The choice of watches is not only the choice of brands, but also the choice of watches in accordance with their skin color and body shape.

Watch with skin tone
  Everyone has a different skin color, also called the basic hue. Most yellow people are suitable for clear colors with high density and refreshing colors. Pink, blue and red will make people look radiant and attractive. People with fair skin can easily identify their basic colors, so many shades can be used as basic colors. Those with darker skin tones should not choose pink and light green as the basic colors anyway. If the skin color is dark or even dark brown, brown is definitely not the basic color. What about those who are yellowish and short? Please stay away from the red and yellow colors, they cannot be used as your basic colors. Those with darker skin tones should choose a brighter color as the basic color.
Watch with body
  Body type often determines a person’s temperament, so considering body type is also taking into account temperament. Tall and strong people should choose a watch with a large dial, which is slightly rough in style and style, and even an alternative watch such as a military watch. Those who are thinner should choose a watch with a thinner and smaller dial. It is easy for ordinary people to choose. Occasionally large models can increase people’s powerful momentum, while small models can appear humble and restrained.
Watch with clothing
  As a watch, some people think that it is just a trinket. You should choose a watch with clothing as the background, but it is not true. A very simple understanding is that clothing must be worn by everyone, and watches may not be worn by everyone. Therefore, a watch will be a highlight. Since it is a highlight, it is the protagonist, so it should be based on the watch When choosing clothes, remember that watches are not used to decorate clothes.

  Quickly wear it in daily work, one in some formal business places, and one with a time zone watch. This type is usually worn by people who travel frequently, but the time zone watch is no longer limited to this type of people. Many people use it as decoration; in addition to these three, you will also prepare a sports watch with a quick movement, a casual watch usually worn during shopping, and a jewellery table and jewellery table for work and social occasions But it is very important, because sometimes it will bring you a turn of life.

  For the simple and book-like stainless steel watch, you can use plaid clothing to match. This type of stainless steel watch has the benefit of being versatile, and it will not look too exaggerated with a plaid jacket. In addition, some new stainless steel men’s watches are equipped with a leather strap that can be replaced and can be worn in casual occasions.
  Choose a thin and versatile sports watch, such as a golf watch, because the sporty design elements are ubiquitous, and the combination with brand-name sports fashion will bring more fashion sense. Elegant watches can be used with sporty clothing, not only for sports, but also for space clothing and wild fur clothing.
  For ultra-thin watches, because the watch is as light and elegant as a business card, it has no ruggedness of sports watches. It is suitable for business negotiations and daily work. These watches are paired with autumn and winter goose down clothing.
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Minimal Tangente Haitian Limited Edition

There is always a group of German fans in the world of boutiques. The German design symbolizes meticulousness, quality assurance, and unwavering taste. Because of this, a watch made entirely in Germany has recently brewed a new force in Taiwan, and a limited edition of ‘Ocean and Sky’ Haitian series launched by NOMOS has set off a new wave of fashion for players. Known as the ‘German National Treasure’, NOMOS comes from Glashuette, a city of German watchmaking. This small town surrounded by mountains is famous for producing high-quality watches in the 19th century. The NOMOS brand is derived from Greek and has the simple style of washing chains in the German Bauhaus era. The movement is designed with a three-quarter clip version, Triovis precise fine-tuning, and stop-second performance.
    The easily recognizable Glashuette rib ripples on the ratchet and wheel, the delicate ring texture on the scale, the 300-degree baked blue steel screws and the crown adorning the sun, and the 100% Glashütte production area has super high standards. Craftsmanship has also allowed NOMOS to keep pace with high-priced watches.
    The most famous NOMOS model is the TANGENTE series, a thin case, a dial with a round and three-pin harmonious design, and a breathable Canadian high-quality original horse belt, combining classic and modern design aesthetics, Simplicity and perseverance. The German style of perseverance, coupled with unparalleled accuracy, swept the fans of European mechanical watches. This model in Taiwan has already received “yes” support from savvy players. Therefore, NOMOS has specially launched a limited edition of “Ocean and Sky” series tailored for Taiwan. This limited-edition design is inspired by the ancient legend of Formosa (that is, Taiwan) surrounded by the sea. It is said that only in the horizon where the Pohu Ocean and the vast sky are connected can human life and time be won by German craftsmen. Sea and sky as the concept, NOMOS flagship series TANGENTE is added to the background elements of the ocean and the sky. The blue dial model represents the sea and the white dial model represents the sky.琲 half ■ 捸 A, it seems that in addition to the fast-changing life disturbances, it still maintains a free sea and space time. Two sets of blue and white faceplates, with two special sundial-using the concept of light projection time in ancient times to design a timepiece rich in modern fashion, a fashion boutique that combines tradition and modernity. Collection value.