Movado Couple Witnesses Romantic Relationship With Time To Light The Eternal Love

Golden Autumn is the season of harvesting love. Many lovers will choose to welcome the most important moment of their lives in this day of dangui fragrance and join the marriage hall together. At this precious moment, let the years carry love, from meeting, knowing to keeping together, and endure eternity in the test of time. As a testimony of romantic love, Movado sends sweet blessings to lovers, and reflects the intimacy that belongs to lovers from the wrist, so that this sweet feeling is hidden in each other’s memory with the rotation of the pointer .

Movado Ruihong Museum Series Couple Pair Watch

Model: 0607007 (for men) / 0607010 (for women)
Specifications: 42 mm (men’s) / 26 mm (women’s)

   The Movado Ruihong Museum series couples watch, the legendary single-dot dial is known as the simple and pure design in the history of watches and clocks, which embodies the model of modernism. The new strap made of selected high-quality alligator leather with gold PVD stainless steel buckle is simple and handsome. The 42mm men’s and 26mm PVD gold-plated stainless steel cases have a back case. Pleasing to the eye. Use it as a token of love that conveys each other’s love, and let time witness the endlessness of love.

Movado Ruidong series couples watch

Model: 0606915 (for men) / 0606920 (for women)
Specifications: 39.5 mm (men’s) / 27 mm (women’s)

   Marriage is the sublimation of love, ‘holding the hands of the son, and the old man’ is a commitment to love this life. The Movado Swiss series couple watch combines Swiss precision timekeeping with modern design. The round double-layer silver three-hand dial is decorated with iconic dots and hands, echoing the round date display window in a simple dial. . The men’s watch features a 39.5mm round frosted / polished case made of pure stainless steel, with a sapphire crystal back cover. The precise operation of the ETA 2824.2 high-quality Swiss automatic movement is at a glance. Women’s 27 mm round case, matte or polished, shows a refined style and elegant construction.

Movado Swiss World Series Couple Watch

Model: 3680006 (male) / 3680013 (female)
Specifications: 40 mm (men’s) / 34 mm (women’s)

   Movado joined hands with well-known industrial designer and artist Yves Béhar to launch the Swiss world couple watch pair. The combination of simplicity and geometric aesthetics shows the fusion of art and avant-garde design. The original design of Howitt is re-interpreted in three dimensions. The iconic dots emerge on the new curved plane of the dial. The texture carved on the edges symbolizes the sunlight and can be used as a minute scale. The stainless steel link bracelet with push-button folding buckle is full of style, suitable for lovers to wear in daily life, witnessing the time spent by two people, symbolizing continuous love.

Movado Aisha Couple Watch

Model: 0607058 (for men) / 0607053 (for women)
Specifications: 39 mm (male) / 28 mm (female)

   Meet the right person in the vast sea of ​​people, and create a sweet memory that belongs to each other with him / her, and choose a pair of attractive couples watch, as if the heart between the lovers has a good spirit. Movado’s new Aisha couple watch includes pure stainless steel, intergold stainless steel, and PVD gold-plated stainless steel, all with the iconic black museum dial. The iconic design of the new hinged case connected to the skeletonized bracelet reinterprets modernist aesthetics, perfectly integrating the inspiration of architectural aesthetics with the core concept of ‘perpetual motion’, bringing a unique sensory experience, let this model Become your close friend and accompany you to fulfill your promise of a lifetime.

G-shock × Manhattan Bluetooth Set Casio Tmall Flagship Store Hot Sale

After 30 years of evolution and innovation, Casio’s watch brand G-SHOCK has launched the second generation of Bluetooth watches GB-6900B and GB-X6900B series. This series of models are equipped with low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication technology (Bluetooth® v4.0). The second generation of watches is more technological and interesting, enabling two-way setting operations for mobile phones and watches. In addition to the second generation of Bluetooth watches suitable for iPhone system connection, it also extended support for Android system, making the connection between mobile phones and watches more tight and extensive.

 To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of G-SHOCK, the second round of G-SHOCK Bluetooth watches invited the well-known trend brand Manhattan Portage to jointly launch a limited-edition Bluetooth kit GB-X6900. Manhattan Portage, known as the ‘father of messenger bags,’ is based on the concept of ‘Show your bag! Show your style!’, Which fits the G-SHOCK brand philosophy. After more than 30 years of development and innovation, it is loved by trendy people all over the world. This co-branded watch is based on the latest GB-X6900 Bluetooth watch, which is available in black and red. The backlight is engraved with the Manhattan Logo. To match the Bluetooth theme this time, a G-SHOCK × Manhattan limited edition messenger bag of the same series is included. The set is specially sold in ‘Kraft Paper’ format and sold as a Box Set. G-SHOCK Fans are worth collecting!

 G-SHOCK × Manhattan Bluetooth Cooperation Kit GB-X6900B-4
 Set price: 1390 yuan

 Set includes G-SHOCK × Manhattan limited edition messenger bag

 G-SHOCK × Manhattan Bluetooth Cooperation Kit GB-X6900B-1
 Set price: 1390 yuan

 Set includes G-SHOCK × Manhattan limited edition messenger bag

 The G-SHOCK × Manhattan Bluetooth collaboration kit GB-X6900B-4 will be on sale on December 24th at the CASIO Tmall flagship store (including a G-SHOCKx Manhattan cooperative messenger bag). GB-X6900B-1 will be available at CASIO’s CLUB-G stores nationwide (including a G-SHOCKx Manhattan cooperative messenger bag), so stay tuned!

 GB-6900B-1B ¥ 1290

 GB-6900B-7 ¥ 1290

 GB-X6900B-1 ¥ 1390

 GB-X6900B-4 ¥ 1390

 The second generation Bluetooth watch GB-6900B / GB-X6900B series, provides functions including call notification, email notification, Weibo notification, mobile phone search, automatic time update, disconnection reminder, automatic reconnection and other practical functions. The biggest highlight is the new music control and mobile phone setting function, which can let you enjoy the fun of mobile life at all times. The music control function allows you to use your watch easily to remotely control the music player of your mobile phone; the watch setting function makes the setting of watches such as alarm time and timer simple and fast.

 Adhering to G-SHOCK’s consistently powerful anti-shock function, the second-generation G-SHOCK Bluetooth series not only has practical Bluetooth function, but also includes 200M waterproof function, world time (100 cities), super LED backlight, stopwatch (1/100 second) , Countdown, multi-function alarm, etc. Bluetooth low energy technology is only equipped with an ordinary coin cell battery, which does not consume more battery power than traditional watches. If the Bluetooth connection is turned on for an average of 12 hours per day, the battery life is about two years.

◎ Mainland China requires iPhone 4S / iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and G-SHOCK + application installed
◎ Limited to Apple iOS 5.1.1 and above, Android 4.4.2

For more details, please visit G-SHOCK’s official website:
Or follow @ G-SHOCK official Weibo

Manhattan Portage Introduction:
Manhattan Portage is a well-known trendy brand from the United States. It has been around since 1980. The brand is based on the concept of ‘Show your bag! Show your style!’ Has become a representative of the trend culture and life of American cities.

Chanel J12 Mysterious Flyback Watch–manufactured By Audemars Piguet

Can you create a watch that truly displays the most essential circle in the world? Perhaps the prominent crown is always an obstacle that is difficult to remove. Chanel really moved the crown, an indispensable component of the watch, to another position through its own research and development. The crown mounted at the three o’clock position can only be ‘summoned’ by pressing the ceramic button on the outer ring when needed. Not only that, there are more magical functions on this watch. Waiting for your excavation. These extreme innovations can only be experienced the moment you play them.
A movement created by Audemars Piguet G u ilio P a pi for Chanel, case diameter 47 mm, gold case and hands, bezel inlaid with black high-tech precision ceramic plate, skeleton dial, 9-point tourbillon, sapphire Splint, 3-point lifting crown, round window at 6 o’clock to display the debugging display during the minute hand retrograde, black high-tech precision ceramic strap.

Seiko Honor Releases Astron Gps Solar Satellite Solar Watch

Last week, the Royal Greenwich Observatory witnessed the global launch of the new Seiko Astron watch, which will be on the clock
The history of the industry adds a strong color. Just as the Harrison Chronometer installed in the Observatory created a new standard for precision timekeeping to make international travel safer and more reliable, the new Seiko Astron watch gave modern timekeeping a new definition with its new function of identifying all time zones around the world.
A new revolution in the realm of time
The new Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS satellite-powered solar watch. It does not require external energy and is completely self-contained
Has been running. It only needs to be driven by light energy, but it can be connected to a GPS network. It can accurately tell the time like an atomic clock.
With the next button, you can identify 39 time zones around the world. It took the brand ten years to create the new Seiko Astron watch,
The advanced functions are perfectly displayed on a beautiful and comfortable watch. Like its outstanding previous watch-launched in 1969
Like the world’s first quartz watch, the new Astron GPS satellite-powered solar watch will change the way the world recognizes time.
While developing Astron, SEIKO developed a series of new technologies and applied for more than 100 patents.

 New Seiko Astron watch

Innovations that make Seiko Astron from dream to reality:
Ultra-low power GPS module
In order for Astron to determine its position and maintain the accuracy of the atomic clock, it must receive signals from at least four GPS satellites, which orbit Earth at an altitude of 20,000 kilometers. The challenge is naturally energy consumption. The energy required to maintain the normal operation of an Astron watch is 10,000 times that of an ordinary quartz watch and 200 times that of a radio wave watch. After 6 years of research and development, SEIKO Seiko finally successfully developed an efficient GPS module for watches. When it receives signals, it can avoid tracking satellite signals with poor reception conditions and wasting energy. Therefore, the new Seiko Astron GPS module achieves amazing energy-saving functions, and its energy consumption is only one-fifth that of ordinary GPS modules.
2. Highly sensitive loop antenna
At present, chip antennas and microstrip antennas, which are widely used in GPS equipment, have the same two major problems: poor signal reception in a metal watch case, and large volume. So SEIKO set out to design a new antenna to solve these problems. The solution is to invent a highly sensitive loop antenna that can be placed on the outer part of the round case. By placing the antenna under the bezel, SEIKO Seiko succeeded in pushing its receiving function to new limits. This characteristic is further enhanced by the use of ceramic bezels, because ceramic materials are superior to metal materials in terms of radio wave reception.

3. Exquisite, compact and low power consumption
Seiko Astron uses a lithium-ion battery and is also equipped with a newly developed integrated circuit to monitor and manage its charge and discharge to ensure the safety and durability of this rechargeable battery. This integrated circuit consumes only 1/10 of the energy of an integrated circuit in a similar mobile phone.

4. Thinking sensors
The sensor of Seiko Astron realizes the automatic adjustment of time by judging the state of the remaining energy and the state of the last signal receiving condition. In this way, it saves power and ensures that it can use the maximum power to connect to the GPS network. As long as the sensor detects sunlight or other strong light sources every day, Astron will automatically connect to the GPS satellite and adjust the time under the required conditions to ensure its amazing accuracy of 100,000 years and 1 second. When the watch is covered by clothing or under insufficient light, the sensor will call the status information of the last successful time adjustment and search for satellite signals. If enough energy is stored, the watch will receive signals every day. If the remaining energy is low, the watch will automatically adjust its time interval to save energy. Also, when the logo on the watch shows “E” (indicating insufficient energy) or the flight mode is on, the automatic time adjustment function will not work. Astron’s ‘thinking’ sensors will be integrated into the world and into the wearer’s lifestyle.
Source: Seiko

Jacques Reverso Squadra Art Ice Jewellery Watch

Diamonds and sapphires are dazzling. The new Reverso Squadra Art Ice jewellery watch adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s innovative setting technology-snowflake setting method. The flip case of this jewellery watch reflects the distinctive features of this famous series. At the same time, this watch is also unique in its own style: a masterpiece of art created with 1,300 diamonds and 1,755 sapphires, which reflects the modern design style through various graphics and light and shadow effects, giving the watch a luxurious and refined character. 1300 diamonds and 1755 sapphires create Reverso Squadra Art Ice jewelry watch 1300 diamonds and 1755 sapphires create Reverso Squadra Art Ice jewelry watch

Dynamic Skeleton Mechanical Watch

Hollow watch subverts the internal mechanical structure of the watch. The outline of the watch body is fresh and simple, full of dynamic, carefully polished parts and the polished case that echoes it are from the Amy’s own manufacturing plant. Black PVD-coated graduation indexes and titanium-plated small seconds and small seconds dials are distributed on the surface of the sapphire crystal. All these elements stand out against the black PVD coating of the entire table, highlighting the modern and elegant style. Craftsmanship Skeleton Watch
   The discrete design of the ML134 movement, the three-quarters of the splints and the detents are bold and creative. The tantalum-colored polished PVD plywood is carefully embedded by black PVD-coated screws, rubies and gold-plated gears … all this is exquisite The crystallization of science and technology together created another fine series of Le Méridien: ingenuity series hollow watch.
完美 Perfect interpretation of natural colors
    Containing feminine charm and feminine elegance, women’s jewelry watches have always been Amy’s highly regarded strengths. Today, Le Méridien’s new DivinaFlower’sCaress women’s watch is full of taste and style, with graceful, fluent and smooth curves, colorful and dazzling diamonds, creating a classic again. The designer’s inspiration is from nature, and the rich colors are taken from the colorful flowers in the field. The DivinaFlower’sCaress case is made of white gold. It uses a large number of precious diamonds and multi-colored gemstones to blend and show the delicate color changes of the flowers. It is beautiful and dazzling. The extremely luxurious design style shows a unique artistic creation, which can be called a wonderful work in a watch. It is reported that DivinaFlower’sCaress has several different colors, each of which is a perfect piece of jewelry, each limited to 30 pieces.

The Lange Grand Lange 1 Is Released, Hitting The 2013 Geneva Watch Fair

In the eyes of artists, designers and avant-garde pioneers, black is a symbol of timeless elegance and creativity. Black always exudes a fascinating and unique atmosphere, just like the new GRAND LANGE 1 with black solid silver dial with luminous hands and inlaid scales.

 LANGE 1 has many features, such as an eccentric dial, a large calendar display, a three-day power reserve, and a watch factory-made movement that displays flawless craftsmanship. Since its first appearance 18 years ago, this watch has brought new life to the precision watchmaking industry and has since become a trademark of Lange. The GRAND LANGE 1, which debuted last year, shines on the table with its slimmer lines and newly created movement. At the time of making this watch, Lange’s R & D staff successfully retained the LANGE 1’s 72-hour power reserve and equipped it with a more sophisticated single barrel. This significantly reduces the vertical space occupied by the movement. As for the unique dial layout of LANGE 1, this larger model has also been scaled up.

 The new GRAND LANGE 1 is equipped with a white gold case and a black dial. The luminous hands and inset scales made of gold-plated rhodium allow its owners to clearly read the time and power reserve indications in the dark environment. And the black alligator leather strap and Lange solid white gold pin buckle make this new member of the LANGE 1 series’s elegant temperament.

Summary: In addition to the classic screw balance, the balance spring independently developed and produced by the watch factory, the hand-modified parts configured in the typical Lange movement structure and the 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver, the Lange watch factory The self-made L095.2 movement also has the immortal qualities that make Lange’s production stand at the pinnacle of Saxony’s watchmaking art and are affirmed by connoisseurs around the world.
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

Young And Fashionable Lavrangiofia Series Ladies Watch

Germany’s cutting-edge watchmaking Ruff Lang Rui has always been avant-garde fashion design for young people. Among Lavrange’s many watch series, the Ophelia series is a series specially designed for female friends. The smooth and smooth lines blend with the low-key and elegant case, blending with a gentle and stylish temperament. The slender slender willow hands, the gentle nails, and the decoration on the top of the bar echo the delicate and graceful femininity of the details.

   The brightly colored soft pink timepiece introduced below is a representative work of the Ophelia series, which is loved by young women.

   The stainless steel case has the clear flowing lines and contours of this series. The natural pink mother-of-pearl dial is slightly translucent with a natural illusion of luster. It is harmonious in color and texture with the high-quality calf leather lizard strap.

    MIYOTA2115 quartz movement, case size 35 mm, sapphire crystal glass, with date display function, 30 meters waterproof function.

Grande Seconde Off-centered Jacques De Rouge

The Grande Seconde Off-centered follows the classic characteristics of Jaquet Droz, combining historical implication, modern design and elegant style.
   The onyx Grande Seconde Off-centered Onyx has an unforgettable simplicity and beauty, condensing the profound historical essence of Jacques Droe. Its dial adopts a deep and charming deep black tone, exuding elegance and modern style. The prototype of this creative design is the large second hand created by Pierre Jacques Dro in the 18th century. This watch follows the trend of enlightenment and breaks through the concept of watchmaking. Pierre Jacques de Roux designed two overlapping dials, of which the eccentric second dial is set at 6 o’clock and equipped with extremely slim hands. This innovation not only invented a brand-new mechanical form, but also created a distinctive concept of time. The bit of time was fixed into a beautiful and precious time memory. The two circles intersect into the shape of the number 8. The ‘8’ symbolizes balance and perfection, and is Jacques Dro’s lucky number.

   Jacques Dross’s artisan master subtly ‘deformed’ this aesthetic design, slightly shifting the second dial to 7 o’clock. In 2016, the watch continued to evolve, for the first time equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm, highlighting the charm of the black dial. The beautiful black has always been praised by the artist, blooming a unique luster on the large eccentric second hand. This model follows Jacques Dro’s long tradition of mineral dials, using a carefully cut and polished onyx dial. The deep and intense black is like an ink bottle dipped in a quill by a writer, and it is like a silk satin used by designers to cut clothes. With the movement of the wrist, the colorful streamer makes the uniform and harmonious surface rejuvenate. Jacques de Roux’s master craftsmen subtly and elegantly mark the hour markers directly on the 18K white gold inner ring of the hour and minute display and the second dial that meet the legendary number ‘8’, making the magnificent light color effect even more beautiful. The metallic mirror-like luster contrasts with the heavy light and shadow of the onyx dial, showing the subtle design of the three-dimensional bezel and bezel.

   The crown is moved to 4 o’clock, adding a touch of vitality to this new model of timepieces. This watch also comes in a silver-plated opal dial style with a crocodile leather strap. Onyx’s Grande Seconde Off-centered Onyx adds a mysterious charm to Jacques Dro’s poetic time. The colorful streamers caused the artist’s infinite reveries in the deep night.
Off-center large onyx second hand

Grande Seconde Off-centered Onyx J006030270
Black onyx dial and 18K white gold three-dimensional bezel.
Stainless steel case.
Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is about 68 hours.
43 mm in diameter.

Franck Muller And C. Ronaldo Will Have A Brilliant Achievement, Eternal.

Portuguese football superstar and Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo has won the honor of ‘Mr. Football of the World’ and has been praised by fans around the world; FRANCK MULLER® specially created 7 perpetual calendar double retrograde jumps The Perpetual Calendar Bi-Retro Chronograph CR7 pays tribute to C. Ronaldo’s brilliant achievements.

Franck Muller and C. Ronaldo

27-year-old C. Ronaldo is one of the best players in the history of football and the most illustrious star in international sports. He has a strong explosive power and exquisite ball skills in the green court; this time only a limited number of 7 The FRANCK MULLER® special edition timepiece is the most complicated limited edition watch in the series with the theme of football players.

C. Ronaldo with perpetual calendar double retrograde chronograph

At the FRANCK MULLER® Group exhibition in Monte Carlo, FRANCK MULLER® officially announced the limited series of CR7 perpetual calendar double retrograde chronograph watches. C. Ronaldo said: ‘I am deeply honored that the famous watch brand FRANCK MULLER® has produced limited timepieces for me. My goal is to keep improving and strive to the next level. This perpetual calendar watch naturally has a special symbolic significance. This Timepieces are just like everyone else, because Franck Muller has a lot in common with me, and both have great confidence in their abilities and potential. ‘

Number 7 hour setting with dazzling diamonds of special significance to C. Ronaldo

Classic · Dynamic
Franck Muller has long supported football and has sponsored the famous Geneva Coupe de Rois indoor football tour. It has launched limited series for famous clubs and national football teams, including a personalised FRANCK MULLER® watch for each member of the World Cup Spain national team. Franck Muller himself also loves the weather, food and football in Portugal. He often visits Lisbon. He made limited edition watches for Real Madrid coach José Mourinho and sponsored Tottenham team leader André Villas-Boas, so it is only natural to pay tribute to C. Ronaldo. The CR7 perpetual calendar double retrograde chronograph watch is installed in the gorgeous rose gold Cintrée Curvex case. The dial design is contrasted in black and white. The perpetual calendar function symbolizes C. Ronaldo’s brilliant record in football history. The double retrograde and chronograph function exudes vitality. . When C. Ronaldo wore the No. 7 jersey when playing for Manchester United, the dial’s 7 characters were set with diamonds, while the back was engraved with C. Ronaldo’s heroic silhouette and his signature; all seven limited edition watches Acquired by a collector, although the price is not disclosed, but it is estimated to be close to 110,000 euros.

 The back of the CR7 perpetual calendar double retrograde engraved with the figure and signature of C. Ronaldo

Outstanding Timepiece
C. Ronaldo recounted his concept of time and the taste of the watch, saying: ‘I already own 4.5 FRANCK MULLER® watches. This is a great fortune to have Franck Muller personally present the first limited timepiece. It is wonderful to be with him for lunch, and I have benefited a lot. ‘He joked:’ I have never owned a perpetual calendar watch, and I am not deeply involved in fine watchmaking. In the meantime, I learned about the technology of complex timepieces, including the subtleties of my limited series. This is a first-class work by a top watch brand … Outstanding timepieces should be matched with top players! ‘
Fancy to elegant
C. Ronaldo is well-dressed, but his taste has become more solid recently. He pointed out: ‘In these years, the taste of my watch has changed a lot. I used to love diamond styles, but now I prefer simple and elegant designs. .As I get older, I continue to observe and learn, and taste changes. Of course, I live in the present, and I ca n’t always be 27. I usually match my watch with the color and mood of my clothes. ‘ As a football player, I naturally appreciate the importance of time: ‘My life, everything, and everything are inseparable from time, such as how much time it takes to do one thing, what can be done within a specified time …; more on the court every second It is necessary to decide how to deal with a free throw in the first round; if the team wins, the teammates are happy, the time is like solidification, and one minute is like an hour … ‘